Balloon Buddies

Love Buddy – our fun Smiley Face balloon sculpture holding heart shaped balloon with notecard added.

Join the National Adopt-a-Grandparent movement – send a Love Buddy Balloon to a local resident at an assisted living facility.



Balloon Buddies are designed to deliver smiles and cheer to everyone.  Originally created as small gifts for friends and family, these happy sculptures have been used to brighten the lives of people both old and young.

As part of our National Adopt-a-Grandparent movement, people, civic groups and companies can sponsor a resident of one our assisted living centers or nursing homes.  We partner with local facilities to determine the number of residents in each location, then community members purchase these festive gifts.  Once we have enough for every resident in that facility – we do one delivery to ensure that everyone gets a smile delivered!

This is a definite feel good program.  When you see how happy these balloon buddies make local residents it will make your day.  In addition, employee morale is boosted as staff is honored to deliver smiles in the form of a balloon bouquet.

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