Create a focal point, tie together the look of an event, set the tone with hand crafted centerpieces that are a work of art. The possibilities are endless with custom centerpieces designed with your occasion in mind. Not your everyday balloon on a string, our centerpieces take on many shapes depending on the size and space of your room.

Add height to a room with low air-filled designs or create an intimate setting in a space with high ceilings by using oversized balloons that float high in the air. We can enhance centerpieces with lights, foamcore and other art forms – giving you a one-of-a kind look that is not possible with flowers. For each table centerpiece we design, we complete the setting with tablescaping enhancements such as confetti, candles, ribbon, shells and more. From fun and whimsical party to an elegant and sophisticated wedding – trust us to create the perfect centerpiece for you.