We always love helping mothers and their families celebrate the coming of a new baby. It’s an exciting time and baby showers are an amazing way to celebrate this new life and also be able to “shower” mom with gifts to help in this new season. When Brianna and her mom, Jeanine, came to us about her baby’s shower, they actually told us they were having a sprinkle shower.

What is a sprinkle shower you may ask?

While a baby shower is usually thrown for a first baby, a baby sprinkle typically celebrates a family’s second (or more) child, has fewer guests, presents and overall to-do and doesn’t last as long as a baby shower. It’s just a sprinkle! So we decided to lean into that as a theme and create a sprinkle themed sprinkle shower! The idea was that everything would have sprinkle or rain elements. Her colors were white and various shades of pink, along with a nice chrome pink to give it a nice pop. The main staple piece was a beautiful organic hoop garland in a color block pattern to really make those colors stand out. We also personalized the piece by adding a suspended white circle sign attached to the hoop garland with vinyl lettering saying “Brianna’s Sprinkle Shower” with a cute pink umbrella and pink raindrops.

To add to the sprinkle theme, we created a white organic garland that was suspended over the entrance to her kitchen, so it looked like a fluffy cloud! We also hung pink glitter raindrop cutouts from the cloud garland to make it look like it was raining! Our final touch was adding small foil silver stars to all of the pieces to really tie the whole thing together.

Brianna, her mom, and her guests loved how everything turned out and the pictures turned out great! Congrats and good luck to Brianna and her new baby!

from Brianna